The place to be for all your training, physique and performance goals.


The place to be for all your training, physique and performance goals.

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Specializing in macro nutrition counseling, nutrition for high level athletes, weight loss, and physique, Evan will simplify nutrition and training to make your goals easy and attainable. Contact Evan today to change your life!

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I started my nutrition and personal training with Evan in April when I had decided I needed a change & was ready to drop the weight I had been hanging onto. Four months later & I am TWENTY ONE pounds down, two/three (depending on the store) pants size smaller & have found my confidence again! Evan has been AWESOME through all of this & has helped me step out of my comfort zone with my workouts. I can’t wait to start training again with him next month & seeing the progress I can make! I made a goal to lose 40 pounds this year & thanks to Evan, I’m over half way there!

Lauren Perry

Before finding Evan, I was active and considered myself fit. However, I was at a plateau with progress and needed to make a change. That’s when I started working with Evan. He provided a complete assessment of my health. I was in worse shape than I thought. Evan overhauled my nutrition and workout programming. I’m not at all deprived by a diet. I have learned how to eat wise to fuel my body. I have lost body fat, gained muscle, and continue to head in the right direction. Without Evan’s coaching and expertise, I wouldn’t have the changes I am experiencing now. I’m thankful for his guidance and am excited to continue our journey to an even healthier me.

Madison Truex

Evan had just announced a 6 week “summer body” program and I decided to sign up.  The program was so easy.  I worked out with him twice a week and he gave me a nutrition plan to follow – not a diet!  I truly do not feel deprived or hungry.  I haven’t eaten this many calories in years.  The change in my body wasn’t over night but when the 6 weeks was up I had dropped 5% of my body fat!

I’ve been working with Evan for about 4 months and now I’m training for a marathon. Thanks to Evan, I have never felt so strong or confident or prepared.  I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish with Evan’s expertise and encouragement.

Ginny Huff