No, not the band, but…Keep it simple stupid.

There is a lot of debate on when and how many meals you should be eating.

But like a lot of my posts let’s not over complicate things.

No you don’t have to eat every 2 hours to increase your metabolism.

In fact, that doesn’t work for a lot of our lifestyles.

We have jobs lol.

If you had a protein bolus within a couple hours before the end of your training session downing that protein shake post workout, so you don’t miss out on the gains isn’t as important as you would think.

Just drive home and get a protein and carb meal in. I promise you won’t shrivel up.

And you know you can eat carbs after 6 right?

Take in the right amount of calories for your goals in a 24 hour period and that doesn’t matter.

Just like all things nutrition, find what works for you and your lifestyle.

If 2 meals a day works or you like 6 small feedings a day it’s all gravy.