Chipotle bowl of goodness.

Macros: protein 39 grams, carbs 51 grams, fat 35 grams.

Keys to eating out: first off; we highly recommend at least a 2 week phase of weighing and measuring your foods so you can learn to portion your plates out appropriately as you progress away from the scale. This is big when eating out(yes you can still eat out!). Second; most restaurants have nutrition calculators or the macronutrients listed online if you do track. Just make a judgment call when the food comes out. If the menu online said 40 grams of protein and you know it’s not when it comes out make the adjustment in your app. Lastly, learn to eat! There is guacamole here. If your fats are low during your dieting phase learn to eat around a higher fat meal or take out the guacamole