So what do I mean by learn to know your week? Each and every day I have completely different conversations with clients. It makes my job fun and it’s like a puzzle. I have to find ways to make the pieces fit their life. D*mn that’s good. You like that? I also try and relate with my clients and let them know I am not perfect and deal with that same things they do. As a nutrition coach it is my job to find ways to help them stay on track. Check out the conversation I had today with one of my clients…

We talked about “knowing your week.” It’s just a really simple strategy I like to use. I try to not make eating feel like a “diet.” You know, the typical one where you are restricted to a certain amount of foods. I did that in my early 20’s and now I try my best to have variety and eat foods I didn’t back then. Knowing your week just means assessing what is going on. If I know I have a party on Friday, then I might not need to go out on Tuesday or have that piece of cake, because I will be able to enjoy myself later in the week. Does this make sense? All I am saying is you can hold off, because the fun foods are coming. It’s just a really simple way to stay on track. It’s a mental check list that I use every week. If Friday is my “fun” day, then maybe I can begin to replace my starchier carbs a couple days before with more vegetables, because I will be eating more on Friday. Then I can do the same the day after. It allows you to balance out your calories. Or, what I like to do the day I plan to eat out is eat minimally throughout the day keeping my protein and vegetable intake higher saving my carbs and fats for the night. This is just another way to balance the higher calorie meal. All you are doing is making sure you don’t screw yourself earlier in the week.

I also want to make a point that this isn’t necessarily a cheat day. I am a firm believer in not looking at meals as good or bad. For the most part during the week I usually like to indulge in moderation when I don’t have any outings or events to go to where I won’t be in control of my food. I will save this method for when I have an event to go to or might want to splurge a little.

So this is what I mean by “know your week.” It may sound stupid, but it’s little tricks. It’s finding what you can get away with. I know if Friday I am going to eat pizza I need to resist earlier in the week, but that’s ok, because my reward is coming.