Hi. Evan here! I hoped you had an amazing week, and your Sunday is relaxing and you are energized for the week to come.

Yesterday the Forge-Rx team and I had our first every Healthy Living Workshop(next one will be in March).

It really was an amazing time, and very motivating for myself of what it can become.

Some of the feedback:

“Overall I thought it was fantastic. Presentation, enthusiasm, buy in, was all there”

“Info from Dr was a lot to take in ((good way), and I would have liked to have heard some more, Seemed to me he had more to offer. Maybe refer to your podcasts if this was an area you guys covered, or had more information to give. Some q & A with the doc?”

“Cooking was fantastic, I could have done that for a couple of hours. It was fun plus you get a reward for your efforts!”

“I wish more folks were there!”

See you at the next one!

This week was also great for the fact that I picked up 3 new nutrition clients! I can’t wait to dive in and help them find balance with their lifestyle. I like to keep it simple with my clients, since nutrition can be so complicated!

I recently posted this in our private Facebook page:

“This weeks new client intakes coming in looked like this….
1. Not eating enough food
2. Protein intakes were way too low.
If you are reading this…
The diet that worked for you last year will not work again this year. Your body will adapt, so take 6-8 months and learn to increase your food slowly after you get to your goal, so you have calories to play with once you are ready to diet again. And track your food for a week. Is your protein intake in the ball park of your desired bodyweight? No? That’s a big oopsie!”

If you aren’t in our private Facebook page you are missing out.

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I hope you have an AMAZING week!