What motivates you?

Sorry…no training or nutrition post today, but instead, something that might be more important.

Seriously though…what gets you out of bed in the morning, because every day I wish I could take the day off and just lay around, but for some reason those thoughts dissipate and I move on.

It’s Sunday as I write this.

I don’t need to be at my gym Forge-Rx putting in a little extra work, but I want to.

Want to know why?

I love my parents, but I was spoiled freaking rotten growing up.

I could get away with everything.

I never really got punished.

I wasn’t taught how to work.

Now, I saw my dad do it. He has that immigrant edge. He came from nothing and is a highly successful OBGYN.

When did things change?

One day my dad said he was going to kick my ass if I don’t get a job.

So I got a job and over time I slowly learned work ethic.

I learned I didn’t want to work for someone the rest of my life.

I started watching videos and reading books of highly successful people in my field of health and fitness.

I wanted what they wanted.

My family opened a gym and I have never looked back.

We started out great and then hit our bumps with a lot of drama inside the facility.

I wasn’t being a leader. We had employees leave which was what I needed to take ownership.

What motivates me is to never go back to where I was. A lazy ass kid.

I want to prove people wrong.

And I will admit I want to build a massive business that will impact a lot of people.

What motivates you to get out of bed every day?

Email me, because I want to know, and if you lack motivation email me as well. Let me help you.