What’s been working for me lately?

I am not stuck to one diet, or concept of nutrition, but instead I play with multiple diets and concepts to customize MY program.

So what’s the game plan these days?

First off, I hop on the scale 1-2 times per week to make sure I am maintaining my weight. If not, I make adjustments as need be.

As well as hit the gym with purpose and track my progress!

I am also super active walking my dogs almost everyday.

My game plan during the week 👇

Meals during the day are high in protein, moderate fat, and lots of veggies.

My dinner is the biggest meal of the day.

“But won’t you store carbs as fat at night?”


I don’t eat dessert or drink alcohol during the week. If I do(for example Thanksgiving), I take out one of my bad meals on the weekend.

And surprisingly on the weekend I fast until I am hungry!

I have 1-2 meals Saturday and Sunday each day. These meals are foods I want, so not as healthy 😉

Plus, some alcohol, but all within reason, and I stop eating when I am satisfied.

And of course I start every morning with my Juice Plus + fruit and veggie blend.

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Need a coach? Shoot me an email at nutrition@forge-rx.com and let’s chat.

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