Have you ever heard of the phrase “bulking?” Basically this means you are going to go through a gaining phase where you take a certain amount of time to eat more food, get stronger and put on weight/size. This is also called a “building” phase, and no matter who you are, EVEN the ladies need to take time in the year to grow. Now the big thing is to not gain excessive bodyweight. It will only hurt you in the long run. Your “bulk,” doesn’t mean to eat everything insight and get fat. It should be strategic and like I said there is a purpose behind this method. It’s an “off season” of sorts, especially if you have been lean for a while. Your goal every year should be to look better each year, have more muscle and diet on more food. Right? So each year you should take some time and be ok gaining a little bit of weight, by slowly increasing your food intake and monitoring the scale appropriately. Say you want to gain 10-15 pounds? The goal shouldn’t be to eat everything insight to get their as fast possible? We want to keep our bodyfat % within reason and aim for .5 to 1 lb weight gain every week-ish until you get to your desired weight gain goal. During this time you will be increasing your calories which allows your body to adapt to a higher calorie intake which will be HUGE when it is time to diet. So, the lean bulk allows you to control your weight gain, build a bigger nutritional base and set you up for success when your body is ready to diet. Ya’ dig?

-Evan, evan@forge-rx.com